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Mastel was imagined in San Francisco in 2020, and was born from the desire to create a cosmetics company that respects the skin and the environment while breaking down the rules of beauty.

An adventure that began at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden 🌱.

At the sight of a very beautiful Ginkgo biloba, the idea for a range of cosmetics centered on the properties of this tree was born: incredible longevity provided by many antioxidants.

Julie Magand Castel 👩‍🔬

Chemist and biologist, Julie has developed this new GINKGO SACRÉ Collection with all the expertise and professionalism brought to her by her previous experiences in luxury cosmetics.

Louis Magand Castel 👨‍💻

Computer engineer, enterprising and passionate about innovation. Louis acts to deconstruct the idea of beauty by developing genderless products. He advocates transparent communication.

Mastel was founded with the belief that we can design more inclusive products with more transparent communication. We hope that Mastel will play a key role in this change in consumption patterns.

A podcast on the underside of the cosmetic industry

For even more transparency, Julie has created a podcast explaining the underside of cosmetics.

On the program, explanation of ingredients, shelling of products and much more.

Available in the Podcast section or on all podcast platforms.

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