Podcast: Episode 26, the popularization of cosmetics with @myssyjym

Listen to the audio episode on the popularization of cosmandics with @myssyjym

Who is Myriam from @myssyjym?

  • Myriam is 27 years old and works as a project manager in a pharmaceutical laboratory (MSD)
  • His side project is the content creation on the skin care, She is skinfluencer since 2019
  • You can find her under the nickname @myssyjym on Instagram, Tik Tok et Youtube
  • Myriam brings togandher a community of more than 600,000 skin care enthusiasts through its various social nandworks.
Myriam de @myssyjym


What are Myriam's favorite subjects?

      🧴 Skin care
      🔴 Acne
      ☀️ Hyperpigmentation
      ⏳ Skin aging

How does Myriam organize the different @myssyjym content?

Myriam adapts its content according to the different social networks. The level of detail of myssyjym networks:

Tik Tok < Instagram < Youtube < Livre

The communities are not the same on the different social networks and the forms of content also differ (video / image / text). The contents and their details must adapt.

  • Tiktok: short video
  • Instagram: infographic
  • Youtube: detailed video
  • Book: all about acne

What are @myssyjym's secrets for simple and successful extension?

Myriam images her remarks thanks to infographics, of the diagrams and comparisons with everyday situations. Ex: Myriam compared the oxidation of blackheads with that of an apple cut in half and left in the open air.

In general, Myriam advises to:

  • talk about what you love and what affects your community
  • adapt your speech according to the platforms
  • favor creative and attractive content (real or computer graphics on Instagram / trendy music on Tik Tok).

How did Myriam learn about cosmetics?

Myriam has read about ten books including that of Dr. Anjali Mahto, The Skincare Bible which she loved. Myriam shares a lot with her scientific expert entourage by working in a pharmaceutical laboratory. And to answer more technical questions, Myriam uses Pubmed (in English), search engine for scientific articles in medicine and biology.

What are Myriam's tips for learning about cosmandics?

Always keep a critically ! To identify a reliable article, the title, the author of the article, its publication date and its number of citations give valuable information.

  1. Le title for context
  2. L'author to avoid conflicts of interest
  3. La publication date so that the information is up to date and has had time to be reviewed by the scientific community
  4. Le number of times the article has been cited for scientific consensus

How does Myriam organize herself with her @myssyjym accounts?

Myriam's daily life is impressive by the number of projects she manages! To organize herself on a daily basis, Myriam calls on Marine, her friend and assistant. Marine organized labor management through the application Notion, which delivers an adaptable workspace for managing projects and centralizing information. For the creative part, Myriam uses Canva, the Adobe suite et Final cut pro.

When can we order Myriam's book?


Miriam's book Say goodbye to your acne thanks to Skincare! from Amandhyste editions comes the 24 mars 2022 and is currently available for pre-order.

All the notions relating to acne are mandiculously described there: the causes of acne, advice on how to gand rid of it, hyperpigmentation, the psychological aspect, dermatillomania, herbal medicine, the medical aspect.



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