Podcast: Episode 16, how to choose your cosmetics

The infographic for choosing the cosmandics of which you you need + a guide to 10 active ingredients in cosmandics:

Audio episode, how to choose your cosmandics?

How to choose the cosmandics that suit us and sublimate us while respecting our values?

  • Step 1: Define our expectations and constraints
  • Step 2: Look for the rare pearl
  • Step 3: Document the assands (optional)
  • Step 4: Evaluate the new purchase
Step 1: Define our expectations and constraints
skin lens
  • Do you want good hydration to have comfortable skin?
  • Good protection because you are exposed to environmental factors that can damage your skin (if you work outside and are therefore exposed to the sun, if you are often in contact with cigarandte smoke, if you live in a very polluted city )?
  • Or a correction of your imperfections?
  • vegan therefore without honey and milk derivative in particular?
  • cruelty free therefore not sold in countries that require animal testing?
  • natural to avoid the use of polluting solvents in raw material manufacturing processes?
  • organic to avoid the use of pesticides in the fields?
  • supporting andhical work with employees who have good working conditions with fair pay and paid holidays?
  • transparent and educational communication for a frank and honest link with the brand?
  • inclusive so as not to advocate a unique beauty?
time and budgand
  • Do you really want to understand how your cosmandics work and are ready to do some research?
  • Do you want to enjoy a spontaneous purchase that makes you happy immediately?
Step 2: Look for the rare pearl
Step 3: Document the assets (optional)
  • Search for yourself the active ingredients that may be interesting for your desires. A few leads:
    • Prevention of signs of aging: Coenzyme Q 10 (antioxidant)
    • Hydration: hyaluronic acid
    • Comfort (sensitive skin): ceramides
    • Radiance: vitamin C, ascorbic acid
    • Acne: salicylic acid
Step 4: Evaluate the new purchase
  • Only try one new product at a time
  • Take a photo before and after 28 days of use

Episode Notes

  • Website : MastelCosmetics
  • The Instagram account: @mastelcosmetics
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Podcast cosmétique, une méthode pas à pas pour choisir des cosmétiques adaptés Podcast cosmétique, comment choisir ses cosmétiques en fonction de ses besoins ? Cosmétiques adaptés. Podcast cosmétique, un guide simple et claire pour choisir ses cosmétiques qui nous ressemblent et nous font du bien

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A chemist in the cosmetics industry for more than 5 years and a graduate of the Natural Raw Materials in Cosmetics Master's degree from ISIPCA, Julie is an expert in the development of natural cosmetic products.